Telehealth Virtual Visits

1. All current patients will ONLY be seen via Video Telehealth Appointments. In-person/office visits are offered only for ADHD Testing only. If you do not have video appointment scheduled, please contact us. Use this link: Request Video Appointment

2. Office building will remain CLOSED TO PUBLIC. Please do not visit office for any reason without speaking to staff first. We encourage you to use Patient Portal or Klara Text Service to reach us.

3. All types of clinical needs and requests can be managed online using Patient Portal or Klara Text Service

4. All new patient appointments are Video Telehealth based. 

5. Our priority is to serve and meet clinical needs of current patients. For urgent situations or mental health crisis. Use this Link: Mental Health Emergency

6. Please bookmark (Ctrl-D) this website and our Facebook Page for regular updates.

Klara Text Service
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