First Visit

At your first appointment, you will meet with Dr. Mirza and go through a Diagnostic Evaluation, so he can understand your concerns and symptoms. Apart from Diagnostic Interview, Dr. Mirza also utilizes his expertise in using various Psychometric Tests to further clarify his assessment and reach a reliable diagnosis.

To make the most efficient use of the time, and to be sure we truly understand your child’s background, we ask that you fill out our intake and child development questionnaire (in case of a child/teen).  This form goes through a lot of information some of which you might not feel comfortable discussing in front of your child or family member, hence the importance of fully completing it prior to meeting with Dr. Mirza.

In addition to the intake form,  we will also provide you with a statement of your HIPAA privacy rights and ask you to sign a copy of our financial agreement.

A copy of the financial agreement,  the privacy statement, a copy of our information release form, and the initial questionnaire can be downloaded. Please goto Forms section for more First Visit document details.