NEBA ADHD/ADD Brainwave Testing Now Available

Dr. Mirza Talks About NEBA ADD/ADHD Brainwave Scan on ABC News Memphis TN

Under the expert supervision of Child Psychiatrist & Medical Director, Arif K. Mirza, MD, the NEBA ADHD Testing System is now available at Germantown Private Psychiatry PLLC, first clinic to offer this service in Midsouth.

NEBA is a brand new type of ADHD test approved by the FDA. NEBA is the first medical device based on brain function that can assist in diagnosing ADHD/ADD in children and adolescents. This test takes 10-15 minutes and is safe and non-invasive. For more information, please click here.

Call Germantown Private Psychiatry at 901-730-0575 or Send Online Request for more information and scheduling.

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